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mini series of rose mallee blossoms
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Raffaela Casadei Emu Australian Native.j
Raffaela Casadei Cockatoo Australian Nat
Raffaela Casadei kukuburra Australian Na
Raffaela Casadei Pink Cockatoo Australia

“Amsterdam, Rome and Sydney were chapters of my life's journey, but now I find myself in the beautiful South Coast of NSW. As a child, I discovered my passion for painting in my grandfather's studio, where the scent of linseed oil still transports me to those cherished moments. Nature is my muse and I aim to bring joy into the hearts of those who view my art. My daily ritual involves immersing myself in nature's embrace, from barefoot 'earthing' walks in the forest to marvelling at Australia's vibrant birdlife and tree hugging. Our home is adorned with greenery inside and out, making it a perfect spot for yoga and meditation, surrounded by the beauty I nurture. Amidst the greenery, I sip on green tea, light a candle, and connect with the universe. This sacred space recharges me, infusing life into my paintings. While mostly self-taught, I did spend a couple of years studying classical drawing at an art school in Orvieto, Italy. During the challenging times of COVID, I rediscovered my love for art using mixed media and oil paint, proving that it's never too late to follow your heart."


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